Version 1.25 is now out. You can get it from here: http://com3d2.jp/update/

- The long awaited GP01 February Update is now here. For details, go to this link: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?...gi-h-event-pack-feat-koakuma-personality.305/
*Note: You still need GP01 installed in order for this to work.
- Added a volume adjuster for a number of types of maid.
- Fixed the bug that cause the outline to provide incorrect colour when transferring CM3D2's preset to COM3D2.
- Fixed the bug that cause GP01 face to only use one highlight when it suppose to be two.
- Fixed the bug that cause the moving camera to not move with "secret deep blue" dance when in VR mode.
- Fixed the bug that cause the Koakuma's NTR Route End Flag to not trigger. It should be triggered when Koakuma's NTR Route is cleared and when you progress to the next day after you clear it.
- Revision of some production, models, and some motion.
- Modifications on some voices.

On the side note: KISS no longer post COM3D2 Game updates on it's official website, only COM3D2 website.
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