Simple, suggest KISS what kind of personality you want and KISS will review it. Selected Proposed Personalities will be posted in the Personality Poll at a later date.

For details, you can read this : http://com3d2.jp/enquete/03_personal/

So... what do you have to write? The format are as follows:

1. Name of the Personality
2. Assumed Age
3. First-Person Pronoun in Japanese (For example: わたし、私、わたくし、我々、あたし、I、etc.)
4. Second-Person Pronoun in Japanese (For example: ご主人様、ご主人、ごしゅじんさま、ごしゅじ、旦那様、お兄様、etc.)
5. Sample dialogue
6. Free comment

And yes, you need to write everything in Japanese.

You have time until June 11th to propose your preferred personality!