[NEWS] News this week in KISS channel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) -Feb 1st Edition-

1. COM3D2 YOTOGI & H-EVENT PACK feat. KOAKUMA PERSONALITY is now out. Details: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?...gi-h-event-pack-feat-koakuma-personality.305/
2. V1.25 is now out. Details: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?threads/news-version-update-com3d2-v1-25.307/
3. By popular demand, those who didn't attend the events can now claim the Mumuta's costume for free. All you need to do is to submit a form here: https://www.mumutaxoxo.love/com3d2-x-mumuta and wait for your prize.
4. KISS 28th NicoNico Live Broadcast Show summary is here: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?...ive-broadcast-show-highlights-discussion.285/


Hi I was wondering if I could get a code for Mumuta's costume
Just go into the link I provide in the op thread. Fill in the form in there and submit it.
- Your handle name. (It doesn't have to be your real name, it can be your twitter account name)
- Your email address
- Your Twitter account ID (i.e @whateveryouwrotehere)
- Message to Mumuta Cosplayer (must written in Japanese. You can write anything as long as it show you like Mumuta's work, not because you fill this just to get this costume

Once you submitted it, wait until you get a reply and obtain the serial code from there. You can obtain by entering the code in http://serial.s-court.me/

You will need to create an S-Court account before you redeem the code and download it.