[NEWS] New COM3D2 Personality DLC Poll

You can choose the next upcoming DLC Personality! You can vote once per day. Poll will be closed in 2 weeks, November 16th!

- Mother-like Young Mama Girl (母性的な年下ママ少女)
- Little Animal-like & Fluffy Little Sister (小動物系ふわふわ妹)
- Stupid and Cheeky Young Gyaru (おバカで生意気な年下ギャル)
- Wary but Very Untouchable (警戒心が強い不愛想)
- Domineering & Feisty Mistress (高飛車で生意気なお嬢様)
- Strong-Minded Amiable Elder Sister (男勝りな優しいお姉さん)
- Super Wicked (Mean) Girl (超腹黒な少女)
- Unexpectedly Obedient and Naive Delinquent Girl (意外と素直な純情不良少女)
- A Girl Who Tend to Give Self-Satisfying Look (すぐ調子に乗るドヤ顔系女子(土屋よし子性格))

- A Dependable Maid Secretary with A Mature Composure (大人の余裕を持つ、頼れるメイド秘書(メイド秘書性格))

Choose wisely!
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Hm... This may be just me, but instead of opting for a reliable maid secretary personality, I'd rather just bone the current one we have XD
Explanation of personality for those who doesn't really understand Japanese.

*Note: This is not a translation to the information provided in the voting page but more like a TL;DR version of it based on what I understand on those information. You are free to correct me if I get something wrong or if I miss anything.

Mother-like Young Mama Girl (母性的な年下ママ少女)
Catch Phrase: I don't mind being spoiled, because she's like my mother.

Will be somewhat similar to Motherly Onee-chan, but with no "onee-chan" aura and she's younger than the Onee-chan personality.

Little Animal-like & Fluffy Little Sister (小動物系ふわふわ妹)
Catch Phrase: The little sister that is cute, fluffy and will always love you back.

The actual "Imouto" personality (will call you Onii-chan). If there's a contest for fawning, she will always be on the top.

Stupid and Cheeky Young Gyaru (おバカで生意気な年下ギャル)
Catch Phrase: A Gyaru who is fun to have and a bit stupid.

Will be somewhat similar to Yuna's personality but a lot more stupid (Stupid as in she will not understand if you give long explanation about something). She will use nickname and jargons like a gyaru would but she is easy to mingle with.

Wary but Very Untouchable (警戒心が強い不愛想)
Catch Pharse: Doubtful & Poisonous Girl

As serious as a serious personality, cold like a kuudere, harsh like a tsundere and give out sting words like a sadist. She is a girl with a sense of justice, wary to her surrounding and will give out cold and harsh treatment towards men who commit sexual harassment and have ulterior motive. You will have to gradually gain her trust so you can befriends with her.

Domineering & Feisty Mistress (高飛車で生意気なお嬢様)
Catch Phrase: A Princess who is domineering, feisty,

An "Oujousama" personality that is bossy with sadist traits. She will order you around despite you are her master.

Mannish & Gentle Elder Sister (男勝りな優しいお姉さん)
Catch Phrase: Do you like a strong, gentle, reliable, and a bit cool elder sister?

Somewhat similar to Megumi's personality, just minus her delinquent part. This is a kind of elder sister that enjoy labor work, yet she always keeps her smile. Despite her childish behavior that appear from time to time, she is very reliable. With an unusually excellent in taking care of people, it makes juniors yearn for her big-sisterly disposition. Rarely get injured or sick, but just getting a bit of that makes her depress and frighten. Since her food choices, hobbies and preference are similar to what most men would have, she can get along with men.

Super Black-Hearted Girl (超腹黒な少女)
Catch Phrase: Front, Back, Front, Back... Wait, which kind of person am I now?

Similar to Mikoto's personality, bright and cheerful on the outside, but black-heart on the inside.

Unexpectedly Obedient and Naive Delinquent Girl (意外と素直な純情不良少女)
Catch Phrase: A lonely delinquent who can't be honest. She have a rough tone but she's surprisingly obedient.

A delinquent-type personality that speak in rough tone using rough/foul words. Despite that, she has quite a girly taste and she wants to get along with people. She is not good with communicating with people. She feels bad about speaking roughly towards people but she keep using her delinquent mask on.

A Girl Who Tend to Give Self-Satisfying Look (すぐ調子に乗るドヤ顔系女子(土屋よし子性格))
Catch Phrase: Doya Yoshiko, ready! I'm finally here in the Empire Club! Be happy, people!

Yoshiko's personality. Self-explanatory. If you haven't known her, she's the kind that talk the talk but can't walk the walk.

*Note: While this is Yoshiko's personality, it was made in an assumption that "this maid has the same personality as Yoshiko". Because of that Doya Yoshiko will remain appear as NPC.

A Dependable Maid Secretary with A Mature Composure (大人の余裕を持つ、頼れるメイド秘書(メイド秘書性格))
Catch Phrase: Maid Secretary, ready! Fufu, please take good care of me, okay?

CM3D2 Maid Secretary's personality. Self-explanatory.

*Note: While this is the CM3D2 Maid Secretary's personality, it was made in an assumption that "this maid has the same personality as the CM3D2 Maid Secretary". Because of that the CM3D2 Maid Secretary will remain appear as a NPC. For consistency sake, maids that has this personality will be assigned as maid secretary, instead of maid.