[NEWS] More info regarding COM3D2 GP01

We have touch on the personalities that will get their content in GP01, as state here: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?threads/news-news-this-week-in-kiss-channel-nov-9th-edition-͡°-͜ʖ-͡°.225/

Also, about the Empire Life mode: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?...talk-about-before-gp01-release-this-week.234/

Now this is about the swapping in the new yotogi system.

As mention before, they will be NPC that will appear during the progression of the Swapping side of the new yotogi system. These are the following NPC:

Yarima Miki (CV: Haruka)

Girlfriend of Kento who is a member of the Empire Club. She is quite a horny person, willing to sexually assault you with high libido.

Minazuki Chiri (CV: Minamijuuji Issei)

The maid of one of the oldest member of the Empire Club, Tomohiko. Her servicing technique toward Tomohiko is a top notch, and, apparently, she's Yume's younger sister.

Kohinata Haruno(CV: Aoi Yuri)

Girlfriend of a weakling boy in glasses, Senshuu. A sly with big breast who loves teasing and healing play.

So, these NPC above will commit Swapping NTR with you and your maid.

However, you will not be able to see these characters if you turn on NTR block, since you need to do the Swapping Yotogi to get them.
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