KISS's 29th NicoNico Livestream will be held on May 18th, 2019 from 5:00PM JST until 8:00PM JST (ETA are subject to change). Pre-broadcast (30 minutes before live) and Post-broadcast slideshow will be appear as usual.

It will be at KISS's office as usual.

It will have the usual COM3D2 News, Bridal Maid competition and Bridal Maid Appraisal Team and this one important bit that I am going to tell you.

This corner is name "YamatoPこんなんどうですか?" (YamatoP, How About This?)

In this corner, YamatoP will going to read out request and suggestion for COM3D2 from the users. (of course it will selected.)

So, to get your suggestion to be read by him, you will need to fill this form:

You will need to set the following:
ご意見対象 => カスタムメイド3D2 全般
You will need to insert the following
1. If you want to suggest merch/goods =>YPグッズ
2. If you want to suggest costumes => YPエディット
3. If you want to suggest event (can be general events or H-event) => YPイベント
when you are filling the 本文(10000文字以内) , you will need to paste プレゼンの内容 first on the top before you write your suggestion below that line.

Of course, you will need to write that in Japanese, so Google Translator will do if you are that desperate. (Unless the KISS at Facebook provide the same form for English users to send suggestion)

Below are the suggestion that you can ask to YamatoP
1. Goods/Merch suggestion: Should be practical and fun. Who knows your suggested goods/merch might be on KISS selves.
2. Costume suggestion: What kind of costume do you want to KISS to design? Show them a sample of the design and see if YamatoP willing to take it
3. Events suggestion: What kind of events do you want to see? It can be normal events, Yotogi and H-events.

- Only one post per person. (just make sure you don't post the same thing twice)
- Only do the suggestion as mention above, suggestions other than merch, costumes or events will not be entertain.
- Refrain from posting any copyrighted material, this include asking KISS to design a character from an anime.
- Please do not post anything that makes you a slander, or, make performers or viewers feel uncomfortable.

Due Date: May 18th, 2019

Also, you might need to write it as if you are doing a presentation, so.....
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