Version 1.25.2 is now out. You can get it from here: http://com3d2.jp/update/

- Fixed the bug that cause some characters in NPC Edit to load without edited parts when accessing NPC Edit Menu. (Basically if you edited the NPC before, when you try to access the NPC Edit Menu again, it will revert back to it's default look and not what you have left since the last edit.)
- Fixed the bug that, under V1.25.1, cause the edit menu to display parts that are not set as icons as additional MOD editing items.
- Fixed the bug that, under V1.25, cause drawings in the texture of the official MOD to not work properly.
- Restriction of the texture of the official mod has been lax so that the mod will use the internal texture (default texture) instead in case the texture is not found during MOD compiling. It will become white when read with an older version.
- Fixed the bug that cause compatible parts of the skin to not applied with the addition parts of GP01 face.
- Fixed the bug that cause nose line and cheek luster to dissappear when changing the skin color with GP01 face.

On the side note: KISS no longer post COM3D2 Game updates on it's official website(kisskiss.tv/kiss), only COM3D2 website (com3d2.jp).