This Friday will be the release of GP01 FEBRUARY UPDATE & COM3D2 YOTOGI & H-EVENT PACK feat. KOAKUMA PERSONALITY.
Note: Please be assure that the GP01 February Update (which is in V1.25) and COM3D2 YOTOGI & H-EVENT PACK feat. KOAKUMA PERSONALITY are not tied to each other. This means that you can still see Empire Life Mode event that have Koakuma in it without the Yotogi & H-event Pack.

1. More Empire Life Mode Events:

60 events of two maid interaction will be added. It will cover all personalities except for Oshitoyaka because her events will be added from her own personality-dedicated DLC.
2. Empire Life Mode events can be re-watch in replay mode.

*Regarding GP01 H-events in replay mode, it will be release later within the month of February*

3. Customization is enabled for, not only Swapping-theme Story-Oriented Yotogi NPCs, but also Yoshiko*, Emma, CM3D2 Maid Secretary* and Mari. There will be a special menu for that.

*Must have Season Pack Summer 2018 installed, CM3D2 is linked with COM3D2.

As mention before, it will have the same amount of content as Silent H-Event & YCS Add-on Pack, in which consist of 4 Yotogi Classes, 8 H-Events (half of it are NTR content) and Karaoke interaction for KPVR.

1. Karaoke Interactions:

2. H-events
*Her official name is Saki*
Pure Love Side
A Medicine for Tiredness (疲れた時の特効薬)

Since I'm Sleeping (私は寝ていますから)

A Tipsy Empire Service (ほろ酔いエンパイアサービス)

I Want to Establish Fact Soon (そろそろ欲しい既成事実)

1. Experienced Vaginal Sex.
2. Must be in Lover Relationship Status.

NTR Side
Please watch it from there (そこで見ていてくださいね♪)

A Secret AV Shooting(ヒミツのAV撮影)

The one who remains (ヤドルモノ)

Disposable (ツカイステ)

1. Experience Vaginal Sex for the first three events. Experience both Vaginal and Anal Sex for the last event.
2. Must be in Lover Relationship Status.
3. Must completed previous events.

*Remember that the last NTR H-event may cause game over.

3. Yotogi Skils:
All Yotogi classes that is in YCS Vol. 19 and YCS Vol. 20 will be included.

1. This DLC is COM3D2-exclusive. You will not be able to use it in CM3D2.
2. This DLC required COM3D2 Character Pack "Naturally Sadistic Little Devil" to work. For Karaoke events, CM3D2 KPVR, CM3D2 KPVR2 and COM3D2 KPVR is required. However, do note that food order events, drink order events and conversation events from COM3D2 KPVR are not supported.
3. You are required to fulfill the requirement stated above in order to watch these events.

4. For NTR events, you are required to complete the NTR Route and you must have to set the NTR blocker to "OFF" in order to watch these events.

Source: http://kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1161
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Wow NTR route final scene is kinda dark for little devil personality. I mean NTR is supposed to be dark but this made me feel really really bad for viewing it.
Summary of the last event of Koakuma's NTR Route (alternative end)
*Let's assume the Koakuma's name is Saki*

The news about Saki having an AV shooting and her AV has spread wide has reach to your ears. You have to make a choice on how to deal with this once you face her at the entrance: Let her confess or dismiss her.

If you let her confess, you will eventually persuade her to stay despite the ordeal and manage to stop the spread of her AV and cut ties with the guy she NTRed with.

If you dismiss her, while you were crying for kicking out Saki, Saki will be living with the guy she NTRed with and become a sex object for men. She will never come back because you basically fired her.
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Actually, there is also another End for Koakuma's NTR route in The one who remains (ヤドルモノ)
Yeah about that. Here's the other end for Koakuma's NTR Route
*Let's assume the Koakuma's name is Saki, the guy who NTRed her is named Hiroshi*

After doing the secret AV, Saki decide to stay with Hiroshi at a certain hotel and she inform you about that. Worried about Saki's whereabout, you have two options to deal with this; Give a punishment to Hiroshi, or head to the hotel yourself.

If you choose to give a punishment to Hiroshi, you will make a call to a certain someone (probably a police or an Empire Club spy/bodyguard) and eventually arrest him and save Saki.

if you choose to head to the hotel yourself, you will watch the scene Saki having sex with Hiroshi (already being hypnotized by Hiroshi after many times having sex), break up with her and dismiss her. After a while, you will receive the letter from her, show that she have fun being Hiroshi's sex object and show that she pregnant as well. You break down after all that.

BTW, this event happen right after the secret AV event and before the spread of her AV, in which, if she had not make a call to inform you that she will be in a hotel with Hiroshi, this event will not happen and it will be the other event that has a different end instead.
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