Release Date: November 30th, 2018
Main Site: http://com3d2.jp/gp01/

Comes in two form: Append Disc and New Base Game

New Adult Service System

Focus on these three categories: Harem, Netorase (NTR Encourage by Protagonist), and Swapping
Added an option to switch partners, as well as story progression in between Adult Service session

1-01 (Copy).jpg
1-02 (Copy).jpg
1-03 (Copy).jpg

Skill List:
Harem Service & Caress
Harem Double Fellatio
Harem Missionary Sex (vaginal & anal)
Harem Rear Standing Sex (vaginal & anal)

Netorase Side-Spooning Sex (vaginal & anal)
Netorase Arm-holding Doggy Sex (vaginal & anal)
Netorase Reverse Cowgirl Sex (vaginal & anal)
Netorase Fellatio & Masturbation

Swapping Table Sex (vaginal & anal)
Swapping M-shaped Leg Holding Sex (vaginal & anal)
Swapping Rear Doggy Sex (vaginal & anal)
Swapping Handjob and Deep Kiss

Empire Life Mode
2-01 (Copy).jpg

It will be an alternative to the usual Scheduling System (Scheduling System will turn off once you are in this mode). So, instead of assigning the jobs to the maids in the schedule, the maid will be randomly put in facilities. You will then click the maid icon in the facilities to supervise. It will be able to hold up up to 20 maids.

Random events will occur if you visit one of the facilities, this include sexual harassment, and NTR events.
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2-02 (Copy).jpg
2-05 (Copy).jpg
2-04 (Copy).jpg

Maid Edit Expansion

Add Editing options to change the ear's size, angle and shape, and the sharpness of pointy ears
3-01 (Copy).jpg

Add Editing options to change eyebrows' lateral spacing, angle and the shape of the front-end and the back-end of the eyebrows
3-02 (Copy).jpg

You can now change the curvature of cheeks
3-03 (Copy).jpg

You can now add Blusher/Cheek Luster

You are now able to customize nose
3-05 (Copy).jpg

Add Editing Option to change the size and position of the nose
3-04 (Copy).jpg

Sclera can be re-color
3-06 (Copy).jpg

Eye highlights can be set individually
My Room Custom
Addition of new parts for Room Customization
4 (Copy).jpg

Note: The picture above are just the only a few of the entire collection of custom room parts that will be added in GP01, there will be more of this.

New Dances
Fusionic Addiction

Secret Deep Blue

*Note: If KISS updated the site, I'll updated this post as well
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Very nice. Can't wait to see how this new harem system works
It seems lacking
- Only 2 maids for harem sex in COM3D2 while CM3D2 you can have 3 maids at the same time
- Sub maid is still given the role of an observer only. In CM3D2 harem sex, sub maids are fingered to share the satisfaction
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wow, i am REALLY surprised and pleased with these changes to customization. there are some faces ive avoided because of how the eyebrows are placed, and now i may finally be able to use them! this really expands my options. I have 20+ maids and only two mods (maid dick & 'male' skin bc traps4life) because i dont like to clutter my games with unofficial shit.. so this expansion makes me very, very happy. i think ive done a good job so far making my maids unique from each other but i can definitely revisit maids who seem a bit lacking now.

really excited to get this expansion and im really pumped for the future of com3d2! and thank you as always for being on top of translation and sharing news. my japanese skills are subpar and itd take me forever to work through news posts myself.

edit: ugh, i just noticed the release date. thats so far away!!! idk if i can handle the wait ):
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So the append = new add-on for those who have bought the base game, and the new base game = base game + append function?