Well, what do you know? KISS decided to release all ages version of COM3D2.

CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2: It's A Night Magic
Main Site: https://com3d2.s-court.me/main.html
Release Date: May 31st, 2019​

The brand is changed from KISS to S-COURT.

As, you know, this version will have all sexual content removed, including Yotogi and H-event.


There's a reason behind this.

This game will have expansion on the Maid's Relationship Status. And don't worry, the original COM3D2 will get that expansion too with the new update when this All Age version is released.

Here's the content:

Maid's Relationship Status now has two new relationship status: Caution (警戒), and Lover+ (恋人+)

1. Caution (警戒): Relationship status before "Approachable". Unlike the "Nervousness" in CM3D2, this relationship status will make the maid wary about protagonist. It will be like a stranger talk to a stranger.

- 3 conversation events and 4 "relationship progression" scenario event (at which, the maid's relationship status progress from "Caution" to "Approachable").
-Only applies to newly hired maids. However, you can still watch the events from Replay Mode for maids that is already in "Approachable" or higher relationship status.

2. Lover+ (恋人+): A much relaxed relationship status. Basically, a status that makes you and your lover go lovey-dovey.

- 11 conversation events (includes home-cook event, drunk event and 2 dating events) and 6 "relationship progression" scenario event (at which, the maid's relationship status progress from "Lover" to "Lover+").

Note: The new events are only correspond to "Pure", "Serious" and "Rindere". (maybe the other personalities will have the new relationship status on their correspond personality-dedicated add-on pack.


Kinda don't care there is an all age version but it's a great idea!
I'm not really playing this game for the +18 content (just vanilla events to be honest), but rather for its character creation/customization side. I hope that one day we will be able to visit our Empire Club in fps view, see our maids working and chatting together...
So the only official western release is this all ages one? If you want the H-events you have to play a translated Japanese one?