[NEWS] COM3D2 Character Pack "A Dependable Maid Secretary with A Mature Composure"


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February 22nd, 2019

An excellent maid and an adult woman who plays an active role as a maid secretary whom everyone admires. She has a feminine charm, gentleness, and calmness. She is sometimes strict and she is like a mother to the maids. With her calmness and highly abilities, she guides both the maids and the master, who is her subordinates. Despite that, she is very sensitive when it comes to generation gap (regardless of her actual age), and she would be easily be upset when someone mention it. She also consider to settle down soon.

In terms of content, this personality will have the same features (Supervision events, H-event, Adult service skills, rooms, etc.) as Silent Personality. This personality will also have her own Main Story.

Note: While this personality is based on CM3D2's Maid Secretary, this personality will be treated as a different person who exist along with the CM3D2 Maid Secretary that happens to have the same personality.
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