[NEWS] CM3D2 x COM3D2 YCS Vol. 23: Submissive Sex Maid & Hard Swapping Sex Maid

This Friday will be the release of CM3D2 x COM3D2 YCS Vol. 23: Submissive Sex Maid & Hard Swapping Sex Maid.

WARNING: There are NTR skills available in this pack. If you enabled NTR blocker, those skills will not show up in the Yotogi menu.

Movie Preview: http://com3d2.jp/movie/05.html

Submissive Sex Maid
1. Restrained Rear Spooning Sex

2. Bridge Missionary Sex

Hard Swapping Sex Maid
1. Arm-Holding Double Penetration Orgy

2. 3P Pinned Down Missionary Sex
1. The skills in this DLC will only be available for:
Pure, Serious, Rindere, Innocent(Transferred)*, Tsundere(Transferred)*, Kuudere(Transferred)*
*You are required to purchase "All In One" version to get the skills for transferred maids.

Innocent, Tsundere, Kuudere
For the remaining personalities, these skills will be released in the remaining personalities' own "personality-dedicated DLCs", similar to "COM3D2 Yotogi & H-event Pack feat. Silent Personality".

2. When you purchase this, please make sure that you turn on "compatibility settings for CM3D2 and CM3D2 with Chu-B Lip" in the shop setting before downloading it.

3. (Only applicable to All-in-One version) If you want to use these skills in CM3D2, you must launch the CM3D2 launcher once before starting the game (after you install it). You won't be able to play similar skills in COM3D2 if you fail to do so.
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Just a small correction, based on the movie preview, the Submissive Sex Maid skills aren't NTR so these won't be blocked by the NTR-Block.