[Interview] An Interview with KISS by an Italian Youtuber

If you could make a translation out of the Italian language in this video, that would be nice (or a transcript at least).​
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While we wait for the actual Italian to translate this for us, here's what i got from Google translate (if I made some mistake here, please correct me since I'm not Italian)

- Female Master: KISS don't have a problem with this, but they see that this doesn't fit the game's lore and logic (for CM3D2/COM3D2 at least). To achieve that, the game will have to undergo a huge change to make that happen.

Comment: I guess wait for CM3D3 then? considering CM3D and CM3D2/COM3D2 don't have the same story, I don't think there would be a problem implementing that in CM3D3.

- Modding tools: Working on a simple tool so everyone can mod and don't need "blender" skills to do so. (Mind you, this is for costume modding tool, not plugins)

Comment: That's quite a nice idea so people can create their own costume and don't have to worry about modders being a d**k when it comes to modding copyrights. How easy and good it is... is a different story.

- Performance: Focusing on game optimization so that even people who have mid tier PC can play the game without any problem

Comment: While KISS do say this, KISS only view it from a perspective on a game with no plugins. We still have some people play the game with sybaris/bepinex on and got black screen, and when they remove it, the game just run fine.

There's also some situation where some people claim that bepinex does improve performance but it's a hit or miss depending on the computer spec you are running.

Still, a game that you can do anything without the need for plugins would be a dream come true. But the problem here is that, a game developer can't really help people to fulfill each owns fetishes/preferences, so, this plugin fiasco will not become obsolete anytime soon.

This is why I keep emphasizing on contacting KISS for bug reports and suggestions (with clues of course). At least you do your part to hep KISS to make the game better.

So, sure, if you're a programmer, and you find the game's code is messy and you want KISS to tidy it up, but you didn't tell them about this and didn't point out how this affect the game's performance or it will lead to bugs, then what's the point of complaining about that?