[COM3D2] Version 1.24.1 (Hotfix)

Version 1.24.1 is now out. You can get it from here: http://com3d2.jp/update/

- Fixed the bug that cause certain items to not be displayed in the edit and can not be used even if KISS event 2017March item set is introduced.

On the side note: KISS no longer post COM3D2 Game updates on it's official website, only COM3D2 website.
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KISS will mention that if it does...

also, what do you mean by "blackscreens"? The part that screen turns black each time a scene transition occurs?
Yeah, but it doesn't advance for me. I already did a clean install even without DLCs. But GP-01 with the new update (1.24) breaks the game for me. Also, the newest Sybaris (found here on this site) doesn't work either. :/
Yes, I did... I kinda was hoping for Sybaris to fix that, haha. Maybe I will clean install again when 1.25 gets out or something. I mean, I only installed GP-01 after 1.24 I think. What could have been wrong?