[Clarification] About V1.23.1

Someone told me that it's "nose", not eyebrows.

But based on this except from the update page itself: http://com3d2.jp/update/

[ 1.23.1 ]

眉 => Mayu => Eyebrows => https://jisho.org/search/eyebrows
唇 => kuchibiru => Lips => https://jisho.org/search/lips
鼻 => Hana => Nose => https://jisho.org/search/nose

That is what EXACTLY what KISS write and I don't find 鼻 in there, so if there's a mistake, that's KISS fault.
so please don't quote me on this.

*EDIT: I have confirm that it's the nose after extracting the arc file that is use for this hotfix. So, KISS make typo mistake.
The point is that this is not mis-translation, I just translate what I see and it's just KISS makes typo error as KISS put 眉 instead of 鼻.
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