[ COM3D2 ] Transfer Pack Vol.2: (Onee-chan) Motherly Onee-chan

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[ COM3D2 ] Transfer Pack Vol.2: (Onee-chan) Motherly Onee-chan

Release: 06.08.2018

[Source] KISS Homepage/Diary


  • CM3D2 MUST be linked to COM3D2
  • Compatibility Patch installed in COM3D2
  • CM3D2 Personality Pack Vol. 2: (Onee-san) Motherly Onee-chan installed in CM3D2 v1.58.1 and above


There is now a third pack where you can add the personality directly to COM3D2 without the need to link the game to CM3D2. However, you will no longer be able to use the compatibility mode (Switch Office) for this personality.​
The pack is available for both Yandere & Onee-chan personalities.​


Onee-chan began to go all flirty with her master in the new Empire Club. She had to go though various challenges in order to heal and pamper her master.​
Contents and Features:

  • Applying this DLC will allow you to use Onee-chan in COM3D2, that means you can use it to make new maids, or transfer the Onee-chan maid from CM3D2
  • Onee-chan will get the same features as how Innocent, Tsundere, Kuudere and Yandere got those from compatibility patch and transfer pack respectively
  • But this is the interesting part. Onee-chan will have her own main story (yes, a separate main story)
    • Requirements to trigger the Story:
      • MUST be in Lover Relationship Status
      • The CM3D2 Main Trio group (Innocent, Tsundere & Kuudere) has been formed


Pre- Adult Service

More images:

Adult Service

Pure Love H-event

NTR H-event
Work Supervision

Training Supervision

Casino Interaction

Main Story

Interaction with Pure

Interaction with Serious

Interaction with Yandere (Only if Yandere Transfer Pack is applied and she is a transferred maid)

As well as interaction with Extra Maids & Unique Maids.

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

com3d2 [COM3D2] Studio Mode feature - [Gravity Manipulation]

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I want to give a litte example of how you could use this feature in Studio Mode.
It was added with the v.1.14 update of Custom Order Maid 3D 2.

Make a windy " panty shot "scene:
( How I added the leaves, can you see here: Studio Mode - [My Object] )

Ecchi / video sample
( video may take some seconds to load )

[ CM3D2 ] Patch v1.59.1 for Custom Maid 3D 2 released.

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Get the newest update for CM3D2 here:


v.1.59.1 ( 17.05.2018 )

Patch Notes:
  • Fixed the bug that cause Night Skills of YCS Vol.19 to not appear in V1.59.
  • Fixed the bug that the cause inappropriate position of the character and the camera display when doing "Masochistic Pig's Torturing Handjob" and "Masochistic Pig's Torturing Reverse Onahole-job" in "Pool".

11.05.2018 - v1.59


  • The notation of the game version was improved.
  • Scripts fixes.
  • Certain costumes has been revised.
  • Certain motion has been corrected
  • Fixed the bug that cause some desk items were not listed and could not be selected.

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ COM3D2 ] Patch v1.14 for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 released.

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Get the newest COM3D2 update here:


v1.14 ( 31.05.2018 )

Patch Notes
  • Enable the game to support COM3D2's KPVR
  • Added Gravity Manipulator option in Studio Mode
  • Revised certain part of the production.

Comment: Yes, there were some updates between the last news and the the current. Click on the Spoiler Tag to see the changelogs.

05.04.2018 - v1.09

  • Fixed the bug that cause the Kinkoi Collab DLC's Silvia's back hair to not work properly after editing.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the CM3D2's nipple to prevent the breast to not flatten properly when the breast size is set to a negative value.
  • One section of the production has been adjusted.

06.05.2018 - v1.09.1

  • Fixed the bug that cause error when running "H-Pose" skill after updating the game to V1.09.

19.04.2018 - v1.10

  • Added Virtual Avatar Scenario Feature for VR mode. You can activate it via the menu bar in Maid Edit & Studio Mode. Please refer to this link: http://kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1030 for usage and terms of use.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the certain position of the costume to reset when changing the accessory's position via Facility Costume's Maid Edit
  • Fixed the bug that cause the Background Window to break when using a certain custom background that has error with a certain condition in Studio Mode.
  • The Launcher will now check if your CM3D2 is at the right version after you set the compatibility setting.
  • Fixed the typographical error of Reido 4 costume and Reido Tatto: Scorpion.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the Bath Towel to have colours different from what is expected.
  • Certain production of the Adult Service has been revised.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the incorrect display position of the VR desktop screen. At the moment, regardless of the background, common position, rotation and size will be saved.
  • "Directional movement" has been added to the VR movement method. You can be changed from VR Config. At the moment, the night view command selection shortcut will not work when using "Directional movement". Visit this link for details: http://kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1031
  • During VR Play, you can now set up UI, button and so on without the focus. You can now operate even when the mouse cursor is out of the screen. However you still need the focus for keyboard operation.

19.04.2018 - v1.10.1

  • Fixed the bug that cause an error to appear when load the game in a specific environment where Ver1.10 was applied.

26.04.2018 - v1.11

  • Added the supporting codes to make the Balmy Spring Sakura, Petals Flattering Down Lightly working
  • Fixed the buggy display on some parts of the character.
  • Certain part of the production has been revised.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the ribbon of the skirt to not shake.
  • Added My object function to Studio mode. For details, please see the My Objects item section in the Studio mode's Help page.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the face of the second maid to not be shown visibly in VAS's studio mode.
  • Fixed the bug that cause obstructed vision when using eyeglasses or eye mask in VAS's edit mode.
  • Fixed the bug that sometimes happens when grabbing the VAS camera.
  • VA studio can now read generic model files. Please visit the following link for details: http://kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1030#model

*VAS = Virtual Avatar Studio​

10.05.2018 - v1.12

  • Fixed the bug that cause the Skirt Processing to be heavier than usual in V1.11
  • Improved the sinking of シンプルセンターフロント when it was being shorten.
  • Fixed the bug that cause background objects to be selectable when it is not suppose to in Studio Mode.
  • Added sphere form in My Object Function.
  • JPG formatted file can be use as textures for My Object Function
  • Fix the bugged display on some character parts.
  • Improvement of the semi-transparency of the skirt for the sakura kimono costume.
  • Certain part of the production has been revised.
  • For VR HTC Vive: 1. Fixed the bug that cause the Warp & Tug feature to be rotated when touching the edge of the pad. 2. Fixed the bug that cause the display of HMD to turned OFF when mirroring was turned off with V key.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the _useg specified model to be difficult to hold with VAS general-purpose object reading.
  • Fixed the bug that causes the Paint 3D models to be unjustly deformed by VAS general-purpose object reading.
  • In the VAS general object reading, if _useg is specified and no hit judgment type is specified, _box is changed to use basic attachments.
  • "Compatible Installer" function is added to the launcher. You will be able to use CM3D2 append-disc to be installed directly to COM3D2. Note that only certain features are applicable (please refer to the compatibility page in COM3D2's website).

*VAS = Virtual Avatar Studio​

11.05.2018 - v1.12.1

  • Fixed an issue where character position is incorrect when karaoke-ing in Ver.1.12.

17.05.2018 - v1.13

  • Added supporting codes for the next collab DLC
  • Part of the production was corrected.
  • Fixed the bug that cause that chest shaking can't be turned off in Pose Editor in Studio Mode
  • The drawing when applying a picture with alpha (AKA picture with transparent background) to a sphere in Studio Mode's My Object function has been adjusted.
  • Fixed the bug that cause each of the Adult Skills of YCS Vol. 19 All-in-One version to be shown as two identical skills instead of one.
  • The UI Tablet frame will be hidden when a message window appeared in VR. If the message window appear during scene transition, it will appear once the next scene is loaded.
  • Fixed the bug that cause VAS general-purpose object to be difficult to move with left and right hands.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the physical behavior of VAS general-purpose object to freeze.

End of summary. (past updates since v1.08)

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

Site Additions 6/2/2018

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  • Added 33 brand spanking new user submitted banners. A big thank you to the community for contributing them!
  • Randomized banners will no longer trigger Adblock. Thank you for bearing with us.
  • Basic webm support has been added. You may upload webms and place them into posts by encircling them in the new tag.
  • A new user, Anonymous Uploader, has been created for entries in the Mod Catalog. The 50 mod entries for Public Uploader A have been reassigned to it and future entries for Public Uploader mods will be assigned to this user so as not to wrongfully credit Kasume.
  • A Sybaris Downloads section has been added to Resources. This new category is for hosting Sybaris distributions. A big thank you to NoctSoul for his continued work on his CM3D2 and COM3D2 Sybaris packages(also, Happy Birthday Nocty!)
  • Shirotake has written up an excellent guide for the popular plugin ShapeAnimator in the Guides section of the forum. Be sure to check it out!
  • Added a preset and its necessary files for Kasume in the Presets section. F-feel free to use her as you see fit.
  • Maximum file size for attachments has been increased to 100MB in order to accommodate webms and 4k resolution screenshots. I'll be monitoring this closely to see how much of a strain it may cause so please upload responsibly(encode your webms properly and place 4k images in spoiler tags so as to not slow down browsers.)
Webm Support

Support for webms has been added but it's a bit rough at the moment. In order to post a webm, first attach the file, then copy its url and place it between two webm tags. Like this:

It'll give you something like this:

Xenforo 2 doesn't natively support webms so their attachments don't have shortcuts. It's being looked into. Sorry for the crude implementation.


As always, thank you for your continued support! Apologies for the time between updates.

As a reminder, anyone can post news. So, if a patch drops or KISS releases something newsworthy and I'm not able to get around to posting about it, feel free to make a new thread in the News section and use the Promote to Article feature in order to post it onto the site's front page.

Yandere personality added to COM3D2 as paid DLC.

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Today KISS added the Yandere personality to Custom Order Maid 3D 2 in the form of a compatibility DLC.

The DLC comes in two flavors.

The first one, titled the COM3D2: Yandere Personality & Transfer Pack, is priced at ¥5960 (about $54.35) and is meant as a standalone package specifically for Custom Order Maid 3D 2. It doesn't require ownership of the CM3D2 Yandere Personality DLC and can even be used without CM3D2 installed.

It can be found for sale on KISS'es S-Court Shop here:

COM3D2: Yandere Personality & Transfer Pack

To promote its release KISS currently has it on sale for ¥4980 (about $45.41.)

The second version of the compatibility DLC is simply called the COM3D2: Yandere Transfer Pack and is for people who already have purchased Yandere for CM3D2. It's priced at ¥2480 (about $22.62) and can be used to add Yandere to COM3D2 only if the DLC has already been installed for CM3D2.

Its sale page is here:
COM3D2: Yandere Transfer Pack

Like the complete package it is also on sale for its release week. It's priced at ¥1980 (about $18.08)

The meat of the new content for Yandere comes in the form of the Transfer Pack which is included in both versions of the compatibility DLC.

The Transfer Pack adds Yandere personality to COM3D2 complete with support for all of the game's new h-skills, a number of its new VIP Events, and its new gameplay systems.

yandere_yotogi.jpg yandere_vip_1.jpg yandere_vip_2.jpg

For example, Yandere can now become a blackjack dealer, an idol, or a waitress, and she even has her own events for COM3D2's new training sessions.

yandere_blackjack.jpg yandere_idol.jpg yandere_waitress.jpg

Also featured is a new story focused on Yandere's transfer to the new club and her meeting its new maids.

yandere_junshin_and_muku.jpg yandere_kuudere_and_majime.jpg yandere_tsundere_and_rindere.jpg

This new story is started by transferring a Yandere maid from a CM3D2 club to COM3D2. However, because COM3D2 users who have purchased the standalone Yandere DLC have no way of transferring Yandere without owning CM3D2 they are able to begin this new story with their Yandere immediately. (Special thanks to silentlofd for the clarification.)

Muku becomes a virtual Youtuber

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I tried to maintain professionalism, but died from cuteness overload.

After the paramedics were able to revive me I finished the video. Muku introduces herself and then with a hand camera gives a personal tour of COM3D2's new Empire Club.

cm3d2+com3d2 MultipleMaids version 22, which has support for both cm3d2 and com3d2, has been released.

Site Additions 4/14/2018

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  • Added 69 randomized banners based on past Custom Maid threads.
  • Added 32 new entries to Public Uploader A of the Mod Catalog.
There is currently a Random Banners Thread in the Post Meidos forum. You can use it to submit banners you'd like added to the rotation! All of the site's current banners are slowly being listed in that thread, but in the meantime you may view all of the current banners in the rotation here: http://custommaid3d2.com/banners/

Some users are experiencing issues with the banners. This is currently being investigated and may be caused by ad blocking software. A fix is being worked on though some research is needed. Please bear with us.

Based on feedback, a rework of the site's navigation will be worked on next. The site's current navigation of "Home" "Forums" "Discord" "Resources" isn't very intuitive and will be made more user friendly and welcoming of new visitors.

There are some guides being planned though if you'd like contribute some, please check out the new Most Wanted Guides Thread in the Guides forum if unsure of which are in demand.

As always, thank you for your continued support! Please use the Feedback Forum or even this thread if there's anything you'd like to comment on or suggest.

Site Additions 4/7/2018

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Work on adding entries to the Mod Catalog has begun!

com3d2 New mod allows you to use cm3d2 backgrounds in com3d2

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Latest version of the mod: https://ux.getuploader.com/cm3d2_j/download/111

Modder nonchalant7777 has released a mod that allows you to use cm3d2's backgrounds(provided you have them installed) in com3d2's photo mode.

The results of KISS'es poll to determine the next COM3D2 personality have been posted.

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During KISS'es 25th Official Live Broadcast on NicoNicoDouga the results of the poll to determine COM3D2's next personality packs were revealed.

1st Place: Silent & Spoiled Bookworm Girl (無口で甘えたがりな文学少女 )


2nd Place: Naturally-Sadistic Little Devil (天然サディスティックな小悪魔 )


3rd: Attractive Ladylike Elder Sister (色気のある,おしとやかなお姉さん)


*(These images are just user created examples. They're in no way representative of KISS'es future plans or art direction.)

Paradise Ocean Collaboration DLC Dance Movie

Version 1.08 of Custom Order Maid 3D 2 has been released.

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Patch notes:
  • Fixed a bug on the display of some character parts.
  • Revision on certain part of production.
  • Fixed the bug that prevents you from getting out of the blackout when you move a specific character part.
  • Fixed the bug that the notation of the body size of the transferred maid remains unchanged regardless of the customization made on that maid.
  • Fixed the bug that cause switching facial expression preset in Studio Mode to reset the setting in customized facial expression settings.
  • All pigtail-type back hair's movements has been re-adjusted
  • Fixed the bug that cause the センター分けショート front hair to enter the eyes.
  • Added function to delete compatible folders in the Launcher's compatibility setting.
  • When compatibility setting is done, you can now check CM3D2's version from version information during game.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the operation to stop when generating the template for the official MOD's texture.
  • When the template of the official MOD's texture is generate, the icon for it will be generated as well.
  • The template of the official MOD's texture will be generated to "_compiled" folder.
  • The game will produce an error when trying to compile a Official MOD texture with no image file in it.
  • Added the following three events to the Event menu: Yoshifumi, Revisit ......, Shuichi, Revisit ......, Shou, Revisit......
1. For these events to appear in the Event Menu, the NTR block must be turned off and you have choose the first option
2. These event is meant to re-trigger NTR route.
3. If you select the second option at this event while the Idol Route is in progress, NTR route will started and her current status will be halted.

(Translations by awesomeguy247)

Patch notes for Version 1.07 of Custom Order Maid 3D 2

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  • Fixed the bug that caused one extra maid to be hired multiple time (as in there are two extra maid that is exactly the same to each other when it suppose to be one)
  • Fixed the bug that cause "Lovely-Dovey Interrogational Sex" VIP event to be available despite not fulfilling the 5th condition: "Has watched "Lovey-Dovey Patissier Sex"".
  • Fixed the bug that cause Traits & Fetish to reset when watching events in Replay Mode (AKA Free Mode)
  • Fixed the bug that cause an error at the beginning of the dance depending on the situation
  • .mod file can now be used in COM3D2, you will have to load them via Mod folder
  • Added two new back hair to the shop
  • Adjust the color texture for Nan Yaegashi's face design and Ninoko's face design
  • Fixed the bug that cause the "指定の施設の稼働" condition for ハイトント to not fulfill when multiple of the designated facility are constructed.
  • Certain scenario has ben fixed
  • Bugs on voices has been fixed.
  • Models and Texture of certain costume has been adjusted
  • Certain part of the Adult Service has been revised
  • Version Dialog now contains more detailed information.
  • The VR configuration can now be adjusted from the normal configuration screen. (In the 2D version, it applies to the free camera mode of the dance scene.)
  • Fixed the bug that cause the cut-in image of VR time difference to be stretched horizontally.
(Translations by awesomeguy247)

Site Additions 3/17/2018

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  • Fixed some html in the site's header so that only clicking on the banner(and not the area around it) would link to the front page.
  • Moved the Guides forum from 'custommaid3d2.com' to 'Custom Maid 3D 2'
  • Merged the Custom Maid 3D 2 and Custom Order Maid 3D 2 forums.
  • Added thread prefixes for 'cm3d2' and 'com3d2' so that people can label their threads for either game. (Only applies to the Custom Maid 3D 2 forum at the moment.)
  • Deleted the 'Articles' forum. (Because articles are inherently News. Hopefully no one or I don't post an article in News that isn't newsworthy.)
  • Moved the link to the cm3d2 Discord up some.
Okay, and for the big part...

Mod Uploading is now available.

Upcoming Site Features (March 2018)

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Greetings Maiders! This is Kasume.

I've been working on a bunch of features behind the scenes and wanted to keep you all informed.

Digital Download of COM3D2 is now available on KISS'es online shop

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Custom Order Maid 3D 2 has been added to KISS'es online shop.

KISS blog announcement: http://kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1009

Direct Link to sale page: https://dl.s-court.me/item.php?iid=170

A small update for COM3D2 has been released, version 1.06.1

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The update can be downloaded as a complete patch(works with any version) or a small patch that can be used if you already have 1.06 installed.

Patch notes:
  • Fixed some scenarios
  • Fixed a problem where face texture was not displayed correctly when using zombie skin with some faces.
  • Fixed the model and textures of some costumes.
  • Fixed an error that caused voices to continue being played even after being cancelled.
  • Fixed some Yotogi skill names.
  • Fixed some voice errors.

First Personality Pack poll for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 has started.

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KISS has started up a poll for their first Personality Pack for Custom Order Maid 3D 2.

The suggested personalities:
- Mother-like Young Mama Girl (母性的な年下ママ少女)
- Little Animal-like & Fluffy Little Sister (小動物系ふわふわ妹 )
- Naturally-Sadistic Little Devil (天然サディスティックな小悪魔 )
- Stupid & Cheeky Young Gyaru (おバカで生意気な年下ギャル )
- High Tension & Greatly Motivated (ハイテンションで行動力が凄い)
- Silent & Spoiled Bookworm Girl (無口で甘えたがりな文学少女 )
- Wary but Very Untouchable (警戒心が強い不愛想)
- Domineering & Feisty Mistress (高飛車で生意気なお嬢様)
- Attractive Ladylike Elder Sister (色気のある,おしとやかなお姉さん)
- Calm & Gentle Elder Sister (穏やかで優しいお姉さん)
(translated by awesomeguy247 from hongfire)

You can vote once per day for your pick and find more details about personalities on this official website: http://com3d2.jp/enquete/01_personal/
Voting ends 15/03/2018!