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So some idiot came to ask why KISS didn't response to his tweets.



And it's REALLY OBVIOUS if you look at every twitter post.

This is because that's just a place to relay information, not to interact with it's customers (In fact, all Japanese eroge maker NEVER actually make any actual response to their customer's reply via twitter, that includes even the famous eroge maker "Illusion". This is not america, people... ). There's already proper channels for that, so here where you should go.

So here's where you can contact them.

1. If you want to meet them in person, buy a ticket to Japan, head to their office (you might need to send them an email in advance to let them know you are coming)

2. If you are fluent in Japanese or did not mind write stuff in japanese, then you should use the following:
a. if you just want to deliver your ideas, not need for them to response:
b. if you really need KISS response:

REMEMBER that you can only write in Japanese if you want to use method a and b to contact KISS.
Also, KISS will NOT response to the inquiry form as they didn't even ask your email address in the inquiry form, it's just an anonymous suggestion box.

3. if you want to contact them and you're not fluent in Japanese:
a. if you really need KISS response:
1. PM the admin of the COM3D2 community FB group
2. You can use this email:
b. if you just want to deliver your ideas, not need for them to response:

Expect to have some delay because all your inquiry will go directly to the respective staff (of course, the admin will have to translate that to Japanese and they don't sent them piece by piece, it's in bulks. and when they are ready with their answers, they will have translate that back to English again) that handles the feature that you inquire on. They might need to do some research or they just too busy to response at the moment.
Also, KISS will NOT response to the inquiry form as they didn't even ask your email address in the inquiry form, it's just an anonymous suggestion box.
cm3d2+com3d2 CM3D2 ver. 0.00 error during link
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when you try to link both games, a warning show up like this:

you can fix the error very easily and quickly - there are 3 ways you can do this: first method where you try to fix your file

1 - Find the update.lst in your CM3D2 folder (YES, CM3D2. NOT COM3D2!!!!!)


2 - open it with notepad



3 - select everything and cut. DO NOT close the empty notepad


4 - go to this site: (or any other site/tool that can find duplicated lines)

5 - delete the text in the site with the instructions


6 - paste what you cut from the notepad


7 - click "remove duplicate lines", see if any duplicate will be removed (should be 1 line)


8 - copy the text


9 - paste it back in the notepad


10 - and save!


if the method above doesnt work, you can either:
grab the update.lst from the game patches and use that to replace your faulty one
you can delete update.lst and apply the latest update again to refresh the file

(thanks to Awe-Some 247 and Kasume for the info)

that's it, try to link again and check in-game if COM3D2 will list both game's version.
yes, i went overboard with the explanation because some people couldnt understand those simple steps in a previous shortened version of the guide...
anyway, have fun!

[09/15/2018] KISS 27th NicoNico Live Broadcast Show - Announcement-

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KISS will be held the 27th Nico Nico Live Broadcast show on September 15th, 2018 @ 5PM JST.*

You will able to watch it via NicoNicoDounga or Youtube Live.**

Channel for this broadcast is now open in NicoNicoDounga:
*Use "Timeshift" if you want to re-watch the broadcast in NicoNicoDounga*

Youtube Live:

Highlight & DIscussion thread:

- KISS producer: Yamato
- Shiina Ai VA: Aikawa Kei
- Rindere/Innocent VA: Misono Mei

Topics are as follows***:
- COM3D2 related topics (announcement of new features and stuff)
- Announcement of the Character General Poll's Result
- Bridal Maid Hour
- Bridal Maid Appraisal Group


So you people want to join the contest, ay?

Waifu Maid Hour (嫁イドアワー) Entry
August 17th - September 9th
*Entry Regristration has ended*

Give the best screenshot of your waifu. If you win, you will get prizes (prizes will be announce later)

Waifu Maid Appraisal Group (嫁イド鑑定団) Entry
August 17th - September 9th
*Entry Regristration has ended*

You will be selected for the bidding (in CR), how good your artwork and story for that screenshot will determine how many CR you will win. The selected winners will also get other prizes as well (which will be announce later).

Pre-broadcast and Post-broadcast slideshow entry
August 17th - September 12th
*Entry Regristration has ended*

You will earn 10 million CR if you get selected, so if you get selected for both the pre-broadcast and post-broadcast slideshow, you'll get double the "money"! The selected will also get other prizes as well (which will be announce later).

*Note 1: There will be a 30 minute pre-broadcast slideshow before the 5PM broadcast and 30 minutes after the end of the broadcast
**Note 2: KISS will need to set up the Live Broadcast channel before Broadcast Day, usually it will be within a week before. As for Youtube Live, while the video will be up on the day itsef, you will have to set your Youtube notification so you can be alert on when the video will pop out.
***Note 3: The topic and the order of the topic are subjected to change without prior notice.

[COM3D2 & CM3D2] Collab Pack Vol. 31: Yuzusoft's Riddle Joker

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1. Costume:

- Mitsukasa Ayase Costume Set

- Arihara Nanami Costume Set

- Shikibe Mayu Costume Set

- Nijouin Hazuki Costume Set

2. Facility - Riddle Joker Collab Cafe

1. The collab cafe is COM3D2- exclusive content. However, costumes are available for CM3D2 & COM3D2
2. The collab cafe DLC will only be made available until August 17th, 2018.
3. This collab cafe is a facility, so please be sure to install the facility in the Facility Management Menu to use it
4. The supervision events are only available for Pure, Serious and Rindere personality.​


[ COM3D2 ] Patch v1.17.1 for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 released

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Get the newest COM3D2 update here:

v1.17.1 (07.11.2018)

Patch Notes

  • Fixed the bug in Adult Service in Compatible Mode caused by V1.17, where the animation did not run when any of the action skill available is pressed for all skill.
  • Fixed the broken rendering for Arica set from Paradise Ocean Collab DLC, that occurs when resizes the breast with that costume.

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ COM3D2 ] Patch v1.17 for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 released

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Get the newest COM3D2 update here:


Patch Notes

  • Added support for Silent Personality
  • Fixed the bug that prevents you from using Guest Mode

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

{ COM3D2 [ Character Pack "Silent and Spoiled Bookworm Girl" (AKA Silent or Dandere)

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[ COM3D2 ] Character Pack "Silent and Spoiled Bookworm Girl" (AKA Silent or Dandere)

Release: 06.07.2018


CV (Character Voice): Tachibana Mitsuki



A quiet bookworm girl with a silent and gentle atmosphere. Basically she can speak politely to anyone but she didn't shying away from them, you can sense the friendliness from her bits of the word. A gentle child. The temptation such as novels and movies exceed more that engaging with people. When she meet a person who has similar taste, she will start actively speak her favorite things, and later she became embarassed. The tone of voice is somewhat obscure, but the appropriate sense of distance are not well known. I like to tease her close friends.


  • Silent and Spoiled Bookworm Girl personality
  • New Costume set
  • New Hair set

Because she is a COM3D2-exclusive personality, she will get all the features similar to COM3D2's main trio.

More Preview Pictures: KISS Homepage

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ CM3D2 ] Patch v1.60 for Custom Maid 3D 2 released.

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Get the newest update for CM3D2 here:

v.1.60 ( 06.29.2018 )

Patch Notes:

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ CM3D2 + COM3D2 ] Yotogi Class Skill Vol.20: Abnormal Perverted Sex Maid & Healing Lovely-Dovey Service Maid

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[DLC] Yotogi Class Skill Vol.20: Abnormal Perverted Sex Maid & Healing Lovely-Dovey Service Maid

[Source] KISS homepage / diary

Release: 06.29.2018

There will be 3 versions ; CM3D2 version, COM3D2 version, and All-In-One Pack. If you want to get both versions of the game, and have the COM3D2 skills for CM3D2 main trio & Onee-chan (transferred maid only) please get the All-In-One pack.


1. Abnormal Perverted Sex Maid
Perverted Video Recording Missionary Sex (vaginal & anal)​
Perverted Carrying Sex (vagina & anal)​
2. Healing Lovely-Dovey Service Maid
Flirty Cowgirl Sex (vaginal & anal)​
Healing Luxury Mat Play​
However, it is only limited to a following personalities:
  • COM3D2 version:
    • Pure
    • Serious
    • Rindere
    • Onee-chan
  • CM3D2 version:
    • Innocent
    • Tsundere
    • Kuudere
    • Onee-chan
  • All-in-One version:
    • Pure
    • Serious
    • Rindere
    • Innocent(Transferred Maids only)
    • Tsundere(Transferred Maids only)
    • Kuudere(Transferred Maids only)
    • Onee-chan(Transferred Maids only)

Video preview:

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ COM3D2 ] Patch v1.16.1 for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 released

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Get the newest COM3D2 update here:


Patch Notes
  • Fix the buggy display for the Seaside Cafe background

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[COM3D2] News on COM3D2's International (English) Ver.

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KISS in facebook group has announced that the trial edition for the International (English) Ver. will be made available on July 5th.

Other than that, they will also held COM3D2 exibihition at Nutaku booth in Anime Expo in Los Angeles, from July 5th till July 8th, 2018.
Details about Anime Expo:

Schedule as follows:
DAY1 9am-6pm
DAY2 10am-6pm
DAY3 10am-6pm
DAY4 10am-3pm​

1. VR Experience
- Experience new contents in “CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2” using Oculus and HTC Vive.
- All participants will also partake in a popular VR lesson.

2. Character edit and Adult scene experience
3. Virtual Youtuber experience

4. Dance movie viewing
5. Livestreaming from Japan with Mei Misonoo (Rindere & Junshin VA) & YamatoP
- Time Period: 30 minutes - 1 hour

- Topics (Note that the list of topics are incomplete at the moment, so it will subjected to changes)
- Greeting
- Regarding to first release of international version and introduce about the title

Nutaku Announcement:


[COM3D2] New Bookworm Personality Revealed!

[ COM3D2 ] Patch v1.16 for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 released

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Get the newest COM3D2 update here:


Patch Notes
  • Corresponse to a New Dance.
  • Corrections on certain motions

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ COM3D2 ] Season Pack: Summer 2018

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[DLC] Season Pack: Summer 2018

[Source] KISS Homepage/Diary

Release: 06.22.2018

DgNdhNuUYAAwq3s.jpg large.jpg

*Important* Notes:
  • The events and facility in this DLC are COM3D2 exclusive. You will not be able to run them in CM3D2. However, the costumes can be use for both CM3D2 & COM3D2
  • You can only run these events with the first COM3D2 trio


1. New Background - Seaside Cafe

2. Costumes:

Wolf Sailor Set

Seaside Cafe Cosplay Set

Áo dài Set

3. Events:

New Management Route: Seaside Cafe Route (with the return of you favourite "idol", Yoshiko, and appearance of the Maid Secretary from CM3D2!)

Seaside Cafe Management Events

4. Studio Mode Items

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ COM3D2 ] Custom Order Maid 3D2 Chu-B Lip S2 Edition (07.27.2018)

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KISS is releasing a new Chu-B Lip version (S2 edition) of COM3D2 in July.
It will have a new Onahole device.
Artificial vagina used as a masturbation toy.

Details: (japanese, but with pictures)

Release: 07.27.2018

[ COM3D2 ] Collaboration Pack Vol. 30: Anim's Boku ni Dakare Aegu Tsuma wa, Hoka no Otoko ni Dakareta Hanashi o Tsumugu

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[DLC] Collaboration Pack Vol. 30: Anim's Boku ni Dakare Aegu Tsuma wa, Hoka no Otoko ni Dakareta Hanashi o Tsumugu
(Link to the Eroge's VisualNovel Database Entry:

Collaboration Pack site:

Release: 06.15.2018


1. Costume
Fukagawa Yoshino Personification Set​
[ NTR ! ] 2. H-Event: As I Embrace my maid...
  • It will featured 3 characters in this event: Fukagawa Ken'ichi, Fukagawa Yoshino, Doujima Masaru
  • Requirement: The maid must be in "Lover" relationship status, Have experienced vaginal sex.
Promo Video:

  • The male models used in this H-event are only exclusive to that H-event. You won't be able to use it as the protagonist or in Studio Mode.
  • These events are NTR H-events. The event will not appear if you have the NTR Blocker on.
  • For CM3D2 version of this DLC, only costumes are available for CM3D2. The H-event is COM3D2's exclusive event.(bearbeitet)

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

User Galleries have been added.

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As per @ShiroTake's suggestion, user galleries have been added to the site. This functionality comes from the Xenforo Media Gallery addon and has a number of features.

You are now able to create your own galleries for your images and any number of personal albums to post them in.

Galleries support commenting, tags, rating, and even embedding(you can use them to post links to youtube or even make galleries of video.) You can even use tagging to leave notes for all of the maids in an image.

Here's an example of that:

To access these new features, click on the "Media" link in the site's navigation.

[ COM3D2 ] Patch v1.15 for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 released.

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Get the newest COM3D2 update here:


Patch Notes
  • Enable support for Motherly Onee-san Personality DLC (Release 06.08.2018)
  • Changes to the Favouribility Parameter so that the transferred maids can be raised in COM3D2's main game & compatibility mode instead of just compatibility mode. Due to such changes, you can now level up the transferred maid's relationship status via Event menu.
  • Certain part of the production has been revised.

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ COM3D2 ] Transfer Pack Vol.2: (Onee-chan) Motherly Onee-chan

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[ COM3D2 ] Transfer Pack Vol.2: (Onee-chan) Motherly Onee-chan

Release: 06.08.2018

[Source] KISS Homepage/Diary


  • CM3D2 MUST be linked to COM3D2
  • Compatibility Patch installed in COM3D2
  • CM3D2 Personality Pack Vol. 2: (Onee-san) Motherly Onee-chan installed in CM3D2 v1.58.1 and above


There is now a third pack where you can add the personality directly to COM3D2 without the need to link the game to CM3D2. However, you will no longer be able to use the compatibility mode (Switch Office) for this personality.​
The pack is available for both Yandere & Onee-chan personalities.​


Onee-chan began to go all flirty with her master in the new Empire Club. She had to go though various challenges in order to heal and pamper her master.​
Contents and Features:

  • Applying this DLC will allow you to use Onee-chan in COM3D2, that means you can use it to make new maids, or transfer the Onee-chan maid from CM3D2
  • Onee-chan will get the same features as how Innocent, Tsundere, Kuudere and Yandere got those from compatibility patch and transfer pack respectively
  • But this is the interesting part. Onee-chan will have her own main story (yes, a separate main story)
    • Requirements to trigger the Story:
      • MUST be in Lover Relationship Status
      • The CM3D2 Main Trio group (Innocent, Tsundere & Kuudere) has been formed


Pre- Adult Service

More images:

Adult Service

Pure Love H-event

NTR H-event
Work Supervision

Training Supervision

Casino Interaction

Main Story

Interaction with Pure

Interaction with Serious

Interaction with Yandere (Only if Yandere Transfer Pack is applied and she is a transferred maid)

As well as interaction with Extra Maids & Unique Maids.

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

com3d2 [COM3D2] Studio Mode feature - [Gravity Manipulation]

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I want to give a litte example of how you could use this feature in Studio Mode.
It was added with the v.1.14 update of Custom Order Maid 3D 2.

Make a windy " panty shot "scene:
( How I added the leaves, can you see here: Studio Mode - [My Object] )

Ecchi / video sample
( video may take some seconds to load )