[INFO] COM3D2 + GP-01 Upgrade Campaign

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As mention in the recent livestream, starting from September 15th, 2018 until December 31st, 2018, there will be a COM3D2 + GP-01 Upgrade Campaign in commemoration with the upcoming launch of COM3D2 GP01 on November 30th, 2018.

Within this period if you purchase a certain products from a certain store, you will get a serial code to obtain COM3D2 + GP01 FOR FREE!

The following are the products eligible for this campaign:
・COM3D2 (Base Game)
・CM3D2 & COM3D2 W pack
・COM3D2 Starter Pack
・COM3D2 with Chu-B-Lip S2 W pack
・COM3D2 with Chu-B-Lip S2 Air Doll

And the following are stores eligible for this campaign:
・All Eroge Store in Japan that do sell COM3D2 products, including stores that provide mail order.
・Online retailer
1. Affiliated
- S-Court DL,
- A-Cute,
- DL site

2. Non-Affiliated
- Gyutto
- DL Getchu
- DiGiket.com
Methods of obtain the serial code:
1. Physical box version of the aforementioned products
You will need to apply for the campaign via e-mail to KISS, and you will also need to provide them the receipt as proof of purchase to redeem the serial code. KISS will release details about this at a later date.

2. DL version of the aforementioned products
If you have a registered account in the aforementioned online retailer when you purchase the aforementioned products, the serial code will be send through the e-mail that you registered to your account. Note that, if you make purchase without a registered account, you are not eligible for the serial code redemption.

1. The serial code will be valid from November 30th, 2018 until February 28th, 2018.
2. If you want to redeem your free copy of COM3D2 + GP01, please redeem it within the validity period mention above.
3. Note that you will only redeem the append disc version, not the new base game. The append disc version will always have the "+" in it's name.

Source: http://kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1105

[09/15/2018] KISS 27th NicoNico Live Broadcast Show - Highlights & Discussion -

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This will be the thread where people will share information from the livestream and discussion.

NicoNicoDounga channel:



TL;DR version
- New Expansion Pack called GP01, featuring new yotogi system, new game route, new scheduling system, new stage, 2 new dances, and myriad improvements on Maid Edit.
- New campaign that will give you the expansion pack for free
- New Personality: Naturally Sadistic Little Devil
- Character General Election Poll results: Innocent personality wins
-KISS has change the way they deliver personality-related content DLC
- SEP 21: Raspberry Cure Collab DLC
- OCT 10: Bokukko Transfer Pack
Detailed version
1. GP01

Release Date: November 30th, 2018

This will be available in 2 versions
As an Append Disc and As a New Base Game

Most of the content basically confirmed what is mention in this thread:

So, I'm not going to go into that deep on the information that already mention in that thread but will focus on the new information

New information as follows:

New Yotogi System
1. Harem: Maids jealous with each other, competing for their Master's affection.
2. Netorase: The Master watch his maid getting fucked by another man, and she will become more aggressive as this situation develops.
3. Swapping: Showing of the partner of the other couple, swaps partners, Swapping-dedicated NPC will also appear
4. The system will progress from one Yotogi to another (i.e develop into a harem scene when you alternate between two maids for each Yotogi session)
5. An event in between Yotogi Session will occur if you reach a certain requirement
6. More H lines and Immoral depiction
7. Yuri is not available for this system as of now but there are plans to implement it in the future

Empire Life Mode
1. How the Empire Life Mode Interface look like

2. Maid Interactions in Empire Life Mode

Maid Edit Improvements
(KISS will reveal a list of it once it's official site is up, so, I'm not going to translate that)

New Stage
(it will be a facility)

New Dance
Pole Dance & Secret Deep Blue

You can watch the dance @1:06:38 for the Pole Dance and @1:19:20 for the Secret Deep Blue Dance

New Costumes

COM3D2 + GP01 Upgrade Campaign
(September 15th,2018 till December 31st, 2018)

If you purchase the following product:
・CM3D2 & COM3D2 W pack
・COM3D2 Starter Pack
・COM3D2 with Chu-B-Lip S2 W pack
・ COM3D2 with Chu-B-Lip S2 Air Doll
from the following store:
・Physical Store (KISS haven't announce which store will have this)
・Online Shop like S-Court DL, DMM GAMES, A-Cute, and DL site (note that you can only purchase from these online shops)
You will get a serial code to download COM3D2 + GP01 FOR FREE!

You will need to have an e-mail and S-Court account before purchasing any of the product because the serial code will be send to you via e-mail and you will redeem it through S-Court Shop.

1. If you purchased the aforementioned products from a physical store, you will need to present them your receipt as proof of purchase before redeem the code.
2. If you purchased the aforementioned products from the online store, the code will be sent to you using the e-mail associated to your online store account.
3. Those who purchase aforementioned products without a registered email will be ignored because "if you don't have an e-mail, how are we suppose to give the freebies to you?".

Details about this campaign will be up soon.
Thread about this campaign: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?threads/info-com3d2-gp-01-upgrade-campaign.172/

Also, you will earn CR if you purchase any COM3D2-related packages.

2. Naturally Sadistic Little Devil

Another relay of the information that has mention before. Details are in this thread:

3. COM3D2 & CM3D2 Character General Elections results
You can also view the result here: http://com3d2.jp/election/


4. Misc
- Changes on how DLC is deliver for personality-related content [IMPORTANT]:
From now on, KISS will be release DLCs, in which each personalities will have their own content, instead of the usual DLC packs, in which we received a bulk of contents for multiple personalities.

Let's use the Yotogi Class Skill (YCS) DLC as an example, in which they have same set of skills for Junshin, Tsundere, Kuudere, Yandere, Onee-chan, Bokukko and Sadist.

Usually we will get the content by having all the skill for all personalities listed in one pack, but KISS will change this.

So, instead of that, you will get one YCS DLC which have Junshin, Tsundere and Kuudere in it. And then another YCS DLC which have Yandere in it, and another with Onee-chan in it and another with Bokukko in it and another with Sadist in it.

so, instead of an all-in-one pack, we get 5 individual packs. That's pretty much the idea.
KISS mention that doing "the old way" as the number of personalities increase would make file size bigger and price getting more expensive. This is what KISS is trying to do to migitate that.

What does this mean to you? You can save more bucks and file sizes, so, you don't have to pay for the extra content you don't need and you don't waste too much space in your HDD/SSD.

So, this is why Silent personality is not listed in the recent event DLC.

- September 21st:
Madosoft's Raspberry Cube Collab DLC & YamatoP's Birthday Sale

- October 5th:
Bokukko Transfer Pack

Official Summary: http://www.kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1111
Official Summary EN: TBA
Erra's Summary: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/erra/20180915
Hikari's Summary: https://hkr-2486.hatenablog.jp/entry/com3d2-kiss-niconama27

(I will add more info if I miss anything)​

[NEWS] COM3D2 Character Pack "Naturally Sadistic Little Devil" (AKA Mischievous Girl)

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Ayase Akari

Main Site:

Date Release:
September 15th, 2018

She might be an ordinary girl that is energetic and obedient... but she is actually a sadistic-born junior. Being a little devil, she would seduced anyone without any regard, whether it's the protagonist, her close friend or even the customer, and she love watch them getting shaky, blushed or lustful. At the same time, she has been lonely, will get depressed if you didn't pay attention to her. This might have got nothing to do with her sadistic nature, but she is also secretly a masochist who likes to be tease by adult men. From the front to the back, she is a girl with two sides.

In terms of content, this personality will have the same features (Supervision events, H-event, Adult service skills, rooms, etc.) as Silent Personality. This personality will also have her own Main Story.

Ayase Akari Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ayase_akari
Vndb database of Ayase Akari: https://vndb.org/s601

[NEWS] News this week in KISS channel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Lots of news this week... let me summarize everything.

1. CM3D2 will be getting Chu-B Lip S2 support: http://kisskiss.tv/cm3d2/s2wpack/
2. Append Disc version of Onee-chan Character (Bundle) Pack is coming soon: http://com3d2.jp/cp03/
3. V1.20 and V1.20.1 is out: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?threads/news-com3d2-version-update-v1-20-v1-20-1-hotfix.164/
4. COM3D2 Season Pack 2018 Autumn is out: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?threads/news-com3d2-season-pack-2018-autumn.162/
5. Current Standing for Character Annual General Election is out. Note that you can still vote for your favorite character until this Sunday at 11:59 PM JST: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?...er-generation-election-current-standings.160/
6. A reminder about KISS's 27th Nico Nico Live Broadcast that will be held on next Saturday: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?...iconico-live-broadcast-show-announcement.155/

[NEWS] COM3D2 Version Update V1.20 & V1.20.1 (Hotfix)

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V1.20 is up.
V1.20.1 is up.

- Fixed typographical errors and omitted words on certain scenarios.
- Fixes on certain motion and certain models.
- Fixed the breast physic switch (checkbox) in Studio Mode's Pose Editor, in which it was not working proper when the breast physic is switch off.

- Fixed the bug that cause Adult Service to produce incorrect behaviour when applying V1.20 update.

*KISS is in the middle of completing and finalizing the V1.20 update. You cannot download it for now.
*You can download it now. Go nuts people.

[NEWS] COM3D2 Season Pack 2018 Autumn

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Fond For Cute Shrine Maidens?

This Friday will be the release of COM3D2 Season Pack 2018 Autumn.

Contents are as follows:

1. Facility: Shrine

Like the previous pack, this facility will have an story route and supervision events.

Supervision Events:

Shrine Route Events:

2. Costumes
- Cute Shrine Maiden Set

- Ninnin Kunoichi Set

- Military uniform Set

3. Studio Mode Props

(From the left of the first row: Straw Doll, Straw Doll with nails, Exorcise Rod, Moon Dumplings.
From the left of the second row: Susuki grass, Bamboo Broom, Amulet)​

1. This pack is a COM3D2-exclusive pack. You won't be able to play these events in CM3D2. For the costume, there will be a CM3D2 version if you want to use it in CM3D2.
2. Only "Pure", "Serious" and "Rindere personality will have the supervision events.
3. If you only purchase the costume set, backgrounds, events and other items from this pack will not be included.

All images posted here are copyright of KISS.

[COM3D2 Annual Character Generation Election] Current Standings

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KISS has release an update on the current standing for the Annual Character General Election.

Current Top 5:
1st: Innocent
2nd: Silent
3rd: Maid Secretary
4th: Tsundere
5th: Kuudere

Details: http://www.kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1098



[NEWS] COM3D2 Event Add-on Pack Vol. 3

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This Friday is the release of COM3D2 Event Add-on Pack Vol. 3. As usual, it will come up in three packs; Pure Love Side, NTR Side & W* Side(which consist both Pure Love side and NTR side)

*Note: "W" in this context means "double".

1. Pure Love Side

Pure Personality Dedicated H-event: For The Sake of Being Together Forever (ずっと一緒に居るために )

Serious Personality Dedicated H-event: Unsatisfied Days (物足りない日々)

Rindere Personality Dedicated H-event: Secret Breifing Session (秘密の品評会)

1. Experienced Vaginal Sex
2. Must be in Lover relationship status
3. For Pure Personality's & Serious Personality's H-event, you are required to have Sana to be hired.

2. NTR Side
Pure Personality Dedicated H-event: The Beginning of The End (終わりの始まり)

Serious Personality Dedicated H-event: During the Nightmare (悪夢の中で)

Rindere Personality Dedicated H-event: Being Fucked Before You (目の前で犯されて)

1. Experienced Vaginal Sex
2. Must be in Lover relationship status
3. The maid use in these events must be the first maid that you hired.
4. You have watched a particular scenario (this means complete NTR Route)

1. This DLC is COM3D2-exclusive. You will not be able to use it in CM3D2.
2. You are required to fulfill the requirement stated above in order to watch these events.
3. For NTR events, you are required to complete the NTR Route and you must have to set the NTR blocker to "OFF" at the beginning of the game in order to watch these events.

On another note, as for the Silent Personality went missing in this DLC...

KISS will be releasing the dedicated H-events for Silent Personality at a later date. It is not known if this will be a patch or a new DLC pack, but rest assure you will get it eventually. It will be in paid DLC pack.

So, don't worry~

Source: http://kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1096

COM3D2 & CM3D2 Character General Election

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It's Voting Time!!

KISS has set up "COM3D2 Character General Election"!

Vote for your favorite maid (any personality or NPC Maid)! Winner will get a Dance solo version for that character.

Voting starts at August 28th and will end on September 9th


On another matter, you can also provide entries for KISS's posters for each personality and NPC Maid, but with some conditions:
- Poster that is "raw" or has been processed (i.e. edited in Photoshop) are acceptable.
- size must be 917 x 1280
- in PNG format
- for personality maid, you are only limited to default characters (you cannot use your own maid for this)
- You can submit the suggested poster image even if you have posted it on Twitter

Submission start on July 30th and end on August 26th.
*Poster Contest has Ended*

*Note: To make the election fair, user-suggested NPC maids (Unique Maids and Extra Maids from Extra Maids DLC) are excluded from this election.

Where to vote:
JP: http://com3d2.jp/election/
EN: http://com3d2.world/election/

Clarification: http://custommaid3d2.com/index.php?threads/com3d2-cm3d2-character-general-election.147/post-781

[News] CR Shop Line Up

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Starting from August 24th, those who got won "CR" credits from "Bridal Maid (Yomeido) Appraisal Team" will be able purchase some of the items in a special section in the S-Court Shop called "CR Shop". You will need to have a S-court account to use the "CR"

Below are the list of items that you can purchase with CR:


(From left: Legendary Maid Uniform (8 billion CR), Appraiser Set(5 billion CR), Appraiser Group T-shirt (50 million CR))​


Desktop Items:

Expensive Jewelry Set (Hair pin, Necklace, Earring, Ring, Jewelry Box): 3 billion CR
Sword Set (swords & 2 version of swords in sheaths): 1 billion CR
Katana Set (Sheathed, Unsheathed, and place in a stand): 500 million CR
Hanging Scroll: 300 million CR
Vase: 100 million CR
Uncle's Bromide: 10 million CR
Uncle's Potrait: 30 million CR​


(Appraiser Team Sticker: 10 CR)

For full list: http://kisskiss.tv/kiss/diary.php?no=1090
Shop is now live: https://cr.s-court.me/

Apparently you will be able to earn CR if you participate in the Poster Contest for the "Character General Election" (The contest have ended so you might want to join other contest).

[NEWS] COM3D2 x CM3D2 Collab DLC Vol. 33: Inuyome

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Want to have a Doggy Girl as your wife?

This Friday will be the release of Collab DLC Vol. 33 featuring
Alumi Soft's Wanko no Yomeiri ~Inu no Shippo e Youkoso!~ (AKA Inuyome)

Product Site: https://alumi-soft.com/product/inuyome/index.html
Collab Site: http://com3d2.jp/col/033/

Promotional Video

Koharu Costume Set

Azuki Costume Set

Inuyome Collab Cafe*

Facility Supervision Events*

- This facility is a COM3D2-exclusive content. You will not be able to use it in CM3D2.
- The collab cafe will only be available in S-Court until September 21st.
- Only "Pure", "Serious" and "Rindere" personalities will have the supervision events.

[COM3D2] Version Update: V1.19.1 (Hotfix)

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V1.19.1 is up. please visit http://com3d2.jp/update/ to get the updates.

- Fix the bug that cause the second half of the Pool Main Story Event to not progress due to unable to clear Pure personality-type maid's supervision.

Update guidelines:
If you are from V1.19, please click the download button under 『カスタムオーダーメイド3D2』差分アップデータ Ver.1.19→Ver.1.19.1

if you are from V1.18 and below, please click the download button under 『カスタムオーダーメイド3D2』フルアップデータ Ver.1.19.1

[NEWS] COM3D2 Version Update V1.19

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V1.19 is up.

- Fixed the bug that cause the "Facial detail" slider in Studio Mode to not function properly under certain circumstances.
- Added support for CM3D2 Visual Pack.
*"Basement" & "Locker Room" will be added to Adult Service room selection upon installation, either via the Compatibility Installer in the launcher or via the connection from CM3D2.

TL;DR you can use "Basement" & "Locker Room" in COM3D2 Adult Service, not just CM3D2 Night Service in Compatibility Mode.

[SCOOP/RUMOUR] Denkigai Summer 2018 Information

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So, the Japanese folks have give us some insight on what coming up later. Let me list this out for you.

1. GP01

There will be a new expansion pack called "GP01".

The contents are as follows:

- Adult Service New Feature: Switch Partner
It seems that there will be a feature where you will be able to switch partners. For example, in a 3P harem skill, the main maid and sub maid can actually switch position.

This feature will have the following categories: Harem, NTR, Swapping

- New Game Loop Mechanic: Empire Life Mode & New Route: Club Route
It will be an alternative to the usual Scheduling System (Scheduling System will turn off once you are in this mode). So, instead of assigning the jobs to the maids in the schedule, the maid will be randomly put in facilities (the interface will be similar to Facility Management menu... maybe, or it would be like Adult Service selection? ). You will then click the maid icon in the facilities to supervise. It will be able to hold up up to 20 maids.

The events such as "Maid, Master & Other Maids interaction", "Sexual Harassment & エロイべ", and even NTR events like "A Man Holding A Drunked Maid" will occur in this mode.

Events related to the "Club Route" will also occurs in this mode.

It seems that this mode and Scheduling System can be freely switch back and forth.

- Pole Dance
New Pole Dance, New Stage and New Costume

-New Dance: Secret Deep Blue(Maybe...)

2. Others
8/17: Wanko no Yomeiri ~Inu no Shippo e Youkoso!~ Collab DLC
8/24: CR Shop
8/31: Event DLC

[NEWS] COM3D2 x CM3D2 Collab DLC Vol. 32: Suigetsu

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This Friday will be the release of Collab DLC Vol. 32 featuring FC01's Suigetsu.


-Makino Nanami Costume Set

- Kotonomiya Yuki Costume Set

[News] KISS's Denkigai Summer 2018 DLC and Merchandises

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KISS will be attending the Denkigai Matsuri Summer 2018 on August 9th, 2018 (JST). As usually they will provided DLCs and merchandises to be sold during the event

Event Details: http://denkigai.net/dg/

New Costumes:

(From left; Pure Girl Bikini, Simple Pants Bikini, Tube Top Bikini)​

New Backgroud: Pool

- New Main Story Event:
Pool Route and Pool Management Event

- New Eye Highlights

-New Tattoo

New Skin:
- Anime-Painted Skin (with and without breast shadow)

- Thick Skin (with and without breast shadow)

- New poses

Silent Personality keychain

Yoshiko T-shirt

New Posters


Audio Merch:
- COM3D2 Vocal Collection in Vinyl Disc

- Unforgivable NTR of My Beloved Maid Audio Drama CD

Trading Card:

[News] COM3D2 Transfer Pack Vol. 3: Sadistic Queen That can Stimulate a Masochists' Heart

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This Friday will be the release of COM3D2 Transfer Pack Vol. 3: Sadistic Queen That can Stimulate a Masochist's Heart.

Like the previous Transfer Pack, this will come out in three packs; Transfer Pack, Bundle Pack and Character Pack, and it will also contain the same content as previous Transfer Pack.

Adult Service

H-Event: Pure Love Route

H-Event: NTR Route



Pre-Adult Service


Sadist's Main Story
Interaction with the COM3D2 main trio, an extra maid and a unique maid.

The master and the Sadist Maid reunited in the new Empire club. She then meet up with the maids in the new club, only happens when they pass each other little by little...

[COM3D2] V1.18 Update

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V1.18 is up:

- Fixed bug that cause the "Pose Reversal" function in Studio Mode that cause the game to stop working.
- Fixed bug that cause the following cowlick; "Berry Short Curve" and "Berry Short Reverse Curve" to not show up in the maid thumbnail screenshot.
- Initial camera position of some Karaoke dance has been fixed
- For cases that use Yandere Character Add-on Pack and Onee-chan Character Add-on Pack, fixed a bug that Yandere maids and Onee-chan maids cannot progress after management switch when compatibility patch is not yet applied.

[COM3D2 EN] Trial Version Update

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COM3D2 English Trial Version has been updated. You can now use the VR function.

Link: http://com3d2.world/translation_redirect/

Make sure that you provided feedback here: http://com3d2.world/inquiry_translation/

You can also make requests via the feedback form too.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Cus...1507721614683677&notif_t=group_added_to_group

[NEWS] New COM3D2 Personality DLC Poll

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You can choose the next upcoming DLC Personality! You can vote once per day. Poll will be closed in 2 weeks, November 16th!

- Mother-like Young Mama Girl (母性的な年下ママ少女)
- Little Animal-like & Fluffy Little Sister (小動物系ふわふわ妹)
- Stupid and Cheeky Young Gyaru (おバカで生意気な年下ギャル)
- Wary but Very Untouchable (警戒心が強い不愛想)
- Domineering & Feisty Mistress (高飛車で生意気なお嬢様)
- Strong-Minded Amiable Elder Sister (男勝りな優しいお姉さん)
- Super Wicked (Mean) Girl (超腹黒な少女)
- Unexpectedly Obedient and Naive Delinquent Girl (意外と素直な純情不良少女)
- A Girl Who Tend to Give Self-Satisfying Look (すぐ調子に乗るドヤ顔系女子(土屋よし子性格))

- A Dependable Maid Secretary with A Mature Composure (大人の余裕を持つ、頼れるメイド秘書(メイド秘書性格))

Choose wisely!