[NEWS] COM3D2 x CM3D2 Collab DLC Vol. 35: Mojika

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This Friday will be the release of Collab DLC Vol. 35 featuring:
Nitroplus's Minikui Mojika no Ko (A.K.A. The Ugly Duckling or Mojika)

Official Collab site:
Official Product site:


Futaba Miyu Set

Hana Tsubaki Set

Tsubomi Gumi Set

Mojika Collab Cafe

Supervision events

- This facility is a COM3D2-exclusive content. You will not be able to use it in CM3D2.
- The collab cafe will only be available in S-Court until October 19th.
- Only "Pure", "Serious" and "Rindere" personalities will have the supervision events.
- The supervision events will not required the collab DLC costumes to work. If you did install the Collab DLC, it will use it automatically.
If you didn't obtain the collab DLC costumes, the event will use the default look of your respective maids instead.

[News] COM3D2 Transfer Pack Vol. 4: Energetic and Sporty Tomboy

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This Friday will be the release of COM3D2 Transfer Pack Vol. 4: Energetic and Sporty Tomboy.

Like the previous Transfer Pack, this will come out in three packs; Transfer Pack, Bundle Pack and Character Pack, and it will also contain the same content as previous Transfer Pack.

Adult Service

H-Event: Pure Love Route

H-Event: NTR Route



Pre-Adult Service


Tomboy's Main Story
Interaction with the COM3D2 main trio and two of the CM3D2 main trio (Innocent & Tsundere).

The Tomboy maid has finally transferred to the new Empire Club. But in order to blend in with lively maids, she need to communicate in a cheerful manner



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Dwango and S-court presents:

It's a smartphone app that let you use argumented reality (AR) feature to become a V-tuber in the form of your beloved maid! You can customize the maids to however you like and make a VTuber video with it!

Main Site:

Release Date:
October 3rd, 2018
Google Play | Apple App Store

Android 7.0 and above (Android Phones)
iOS 11 and above (iPhone 6 and above)


[CM3D2] V1.61 & V1.62 Update

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V1.61 & V1.62 is up:

- Script Fixes
- Some motions has been corrected
- Fixed the bug that cause that noise to be displayed in the parts where infinite color can be set.

- As Chu-B Lip S2 is made to be compatible with Chu-B Lip version, no changes are made in this software.


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Release Date: November 30th, 2018
Main Site:

Comes in two form: Append Disc and New Base Game

New Adult Service System

Focus on these three categories: Harem, Netorase (NTR Encourage by Protagonist), and Swapping
Added an option to switch partners, as well as story progression in between Adult Service session

1-01 (Copy).jpg
1-02 (Copy).jpg
1-03 (Copy).jpg

Skill List:
Harem Service & Caress
Harem Double Fellatio
Harem Missionary Sex (vaginal & anal)
Harem Rear Standing Sex (vaginal & anal)

Netorase Side-Spooning Sex (vaginal & anal)
Netorase Arm-holding Doggy Sex (vaginal & anal)
Netorase Reverse Cowgirl Sex (vaginal & anal)
Netorase Fellatio & Masturbation

Swapping Table Sex (vaginal & anal)
Swapping M-shaped Leg Holding Sex (vaginal & anal)
Swapping Rear Doggy Sex (vaginal & anal)
Swapping Handjob and Deep Kiss
Empire Life Mode
2-01 (Copy).jpg

It will be an alternative to the usual Scheduling System (Scheduling System will turn off once you are in this mode). So, instead of assigning the jobs to the maids in the schedule, the maid will be randomly put in facilities. You will then click the maid icon in the facilities to supervise. It will be able to hold up up to 20 maids.

Random events will occur if you visit one of the facilities, this include sexual harassment, and NTR events.
2-03 (Copy).jpg
2-02 (Copy).jpg
2-05 (Copy).jpg
2-04 (Copy).jpg

Maid Edit Expansion

Add Editing options to change the ear's size, angle and shape, and the sharpness of pointy ears
3-01 (Copy).jpg

Add Editing options to change eyebrows' lateral spacing, angle and the shape of the front-end and the back-end of the eyebrows
3-02 (Copy).jpg

You can now change the curvature of cheeks
3-03 (Copy).jpg

You can now add Blusher/Cheek Luster

You are now able to customize nose
3-05 (Copy).jpg

Add Editing Option to change the size and position of the nose
3-04 (Copy).jpg

Sclera can be re-color
3-06 (Copy).jpg

Eye highlights can be set individually
My Room Custom
Addition of new parts for Room Customization
4 (Copy).jpg

Note: The picture above are just the only a few of the entire collection of custom room parts that will be added in GP01, there will be more of this.

New Dances
Fusionic Addiction

Secret Deep Blue

*Note: If KISS updated the site, I'll updated this post as well

[NEWS] New COM3D2 Personality DLC Poll

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You can choose the next upcoming DLC Personality! You can vote once per day. Poll will be closed in 2 weeks, November 16th!

- Mother-like Young Mama Girl (母性的な年下ママ少女)
- Little Animal-like & Fluffy Little Sister (小動物系ふわふわ妹)
- Stupid and Cheeky Young Gyaru (おバカで生意気な年下ギャル)
- Wary but Very Untouchable (警戒心が強い不愛想)
- Domineering & Feisty Mistress (高飛車で生意気なお嬢様)
- Strong-Minded Amiable Elder Sister (男勝りな優しいお姉さん)
- Super Wicked (Mean) Girl (超腹黒な少女)
- Unexpectedly Obedient and Naive Delinquent Girl (意外と素直な純情不良少女)
- A Girl Who Tend to Give Self-Satisfying Look (すぐ調子に乗るドヤ顔系女子(土屋よし子性格))

- A Dependable Maid Secretary with A Mature Composure (大人の余裕を持つ、頼れるメイド秘書(メイド秘書性格))

Choose wisely!

[ COM3D2 ] Patch v1.17.1 for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 released

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Get the newest COM3D2 update here:

v1.17.1 (07.11.2018)

Patch Notes

  • Fixed the bug in Adult Service in Compatible Mode caused by V1.17, where the animation did not run when any of the action skill available is pressed for all skill.
  • Fixed the broken rendering for Arica set from Paradise Ocean Collab DLC, that occurs when resizes the breast with that costume.

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ COM3D2 ] Patch v1.17 for Custom Order Maid 3D 2 released

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Get the newest COM3D2 update here:


Patch Notes

  • Added support for Silent Personality
  • Fixed the bug that prevents you from using Guest Mode

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

{ COM3D2 [ Character Pack "Silent and Spoiled Bookworm Girl" (AKA Silent or Dandere)

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[ COM3D2 ] Character Pack "Silent and Spoiled Bookworm Girl" (AKA Silent or Dandere)

Release: 06.07.2018


CV (Character Voice): Tachibana Mitsuki



A quiet bookworm girl with a silent and gentle atmosphere. Basically she can speak politely to anyone but she didn't shying away from them, you can sense the friendliness from her bits of the word. A gentle child. The temptation such as novels and movies exceed more that engaging with people. When she meet a person who has similar taste, she will start actively speak her favorite things, and later she became embarassed. The tone of voice is somewhat obscure, but the appropriate sense of distance are not well known. I like to tease her close friends.


  • Silent and Spoiled Bookworm Girl personality
  • New Costume set
  • New Hair set

Because she is a COM3D2-exclusive personality, she will get all the features similar to COM3D2's main trio.

More Preview Pictures: KISS Homepage

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ CM3D2 ] Patch v1.60 for Custom Maid 3D 2 released.

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Get the newest update for CM3D2 here:

v.1.60 ( 06.29.2018 )

Patch Notes:

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[ CM3D2 + COM3D2 ] Yotogi Class Skill Vol.20: Abnormal Perverted Sex Maid & Healing Lovely-Dovey Service Maid

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[DLC] Yotogi Class Skill Vol.20: Abnormal Perverted Sex Maid & Healing Lovely-Dovey Service Maid

[Source] KISS homepage / diary

Release: 06.29.2018

There will be 3 versions ; CM3D2 version, COM3D2 version, and All-In-One Pack. If you want to get both versions of the game, and have the COM3D2 skills for CM3D2 main trio & Onee-chan (transferred maid only) please get the All-In-One pack.


1. Abnormal Perverted Sex Maid
Perverted Video Recording Missionary Sex (vaginal & anal)​
Perverted Carrying Sex (vagina & anal)​
2. Healing Lovely-Dovey Service Maid
Flirty Cowgirl Sex (vaginal & anal)​
Healing Luxury Mat Play​
However, it is only limited to a following personalities:
  • COM3D2 version:
    • Pure
    • Serious
    • Rindere
    • Onee-chan
  • CM3D2 version:
    • Innocent
    • Tsundere
    • Kuudere
    • Onee-chan
  • All-in-One version:
    • Pure
    • Serious
    • Rindere
    • Innocent(Transferred Maids only)
    • Tsundere(Transferred Maids only)
    • Kuudere(Transferred Maids only)
    • Onee-chan(Transferred Maids only)

Video preview:

(Translations by awesomeguy247, thank you.)

[COM3D2] News on COM3D2's International (English) Ver.

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KISS in facebook group has announced that the trial edition for the International (English) Ver. will be made available on July 5th.

Other than that, they will also held COM3D2 exibihition at Nutaku booth in Anime Expo in Los Angeles, from July 5th till July 8th, 2018.
Details about Anime Expo:

Schedule as follows:
DAY1 9am-6pm
DAY2 10am-6pm
DAY3 10am-6pm
DAY4 10am-3pm​

1. VR Experience
- Experience new contents in “CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2” using Oculus and HTC Vive.
- All participants will also partake in a popular VR lesson.

2. Character edit and Adult scene experience
3. Virtual Youtuber experience

4. Dance movie viewing
5. Livestreaming from Japan with Mei Misonoo (Rindere & Junshin VA) & YamatoP
- Time Period: 30 minutes - 1 hour

- Topics (Note that the list of topics are incomplete at the moment, so it will subjected to changes)
- Greeting
- Regarding to first release of international version and introduce about the title

Nutaku Announcement:


[COM3D2] New Bookworm Personality Revealed!

Yandere personality added to COM3D2 as paid DLC.

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Today KISS added the Yandere personality to Custom Order Maid 3D 2 in the form of a compatibility DLC.

The DLC comes in two flavors.

The first one, titled the COM3D2: Yandere Personality & Transfer Pack, is priced at ¥5960 (about $54.35) and is meant as a standalone package specifically for Custom Order Maid 3D 2. It doesn't require ownership of the CM3D2 Yandere Personality DLC and can even be used without CM3D2 installed.

It can be found for sale on KISS'es S-Court Shop here:

COM3D2: Yandere Personality & Transfer Pack

To promote its release KISS currently has it on sale for ¥4980 (about $45.41.)

The second version of the compatibility DLC is simply called the COM3D2: Yandere Transfer Pack and is for people who already have purchased Yandere for CM3D2. It's priced at ¥2480 (about $22.62) and can be used to add Yandere to COM3D2 only if the DLC has already been installed for CM3D2.

Its sale page is here:
COM3D2: Yandere Transfer Pack

Like the complete package it is also on sale for its release week. It's priced at ¥1980 (about $18.08)

The meat of the new content for Yandere comes in the form of the Transfer Pack which is included in both versions of the compatibility DLC.

The Transfer Pack adds Yandere personality to COM3D2 complete with support for all of the game's new h-skills, a number of its new VIP Events, and its new gameplay systems.

yandere_yotogi.jpg yandere_vip_1.jpg yandere_vip_2.jpg

For example, Yandere can now become a blackjack dealer, an idol, or a waitress, and she even has her own events for COM3D2's new training sessions.

yandere_blackjack.jpg yandere_idol.jpg yandere_waitress.jpg

Also featured is a new story focused on Yandere's transfer to the new club and her meeting its new maids.

yandere_junshin_and_muku.jpg yandere_kuudere_and_majime.jpg yandere_tsundere_and_rindere.jpg

This new story is started by transferring a Yandere maid from a CM3D2 club to COM3D2. However, because COM3D2 users who have purchased the standalone Yandere DLC have no way of transferring Yandere without owning CM3D2 they are able to begin this new story with their Yandere immediately. (Special thanks to silentlofd for the clarification.)

cm3d2+com3d2 MultipleMaids version 22, which has support for both cm3d2 and com3d2, has been released.

com3d2 New mod allows you to use cm3d2 backgrounds in com3d2

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Latest version of the mod:

Modder nonchalant7777 has released a mod that allows you to use cm3d2's backgrounds(provided you have them installed) in com3d2's photo mode.

The results of KISS'es poll to determine the next COM3D2 personality have been posted.

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During KISS'es 25th Official Live Broadcast on NicoNicoDouga the results of the poll to determine COM3D2's next personality packs were revealed.

1st Place: Silent & Spoiled Bookworm Girl (無口で甘えたがりな文学少女 )


2nd Place: Naturally-Sadistic Little Devil (天然サディスティックな小悪魔 )


3rd: Attractive Ladylike Elder Sister (色気のある,おしとやかなお姉さん)


*(These images are just user created examples. They're in no way representative of KISS'es future plans or art direction.)

Paradise Ocean Collaboration DLC Dance Movie

Version 1.08 of Custom Order Maid 3D 2 has been released.

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Patch notes:
  • Fixed a bug on the display of some character parts.
  • Revision on certain part of production.
  • Fixed the bug that prevents you from getting out of the blackout when you move a specific character part.
  • Fixed the bug that the notation of the body size of the transferred maid remains unchanged regardless of the customization made on that maid.
  • Fixed the bug that cause switching facial expression preset in Studio Mode to reset the setting in customized facial expression settings.
  • All pigtail-type back hair's movements has been re-adjusted
  • Fixed the bug that cause the センター分けショート front hair to enter the eyes.
  • Added function to delete compatible folders in the Launcher's compatibility setting.
  • When compatibility setting is done, you can now check CM3D2's version from version information during game.
  • Fixed the bug that cause the operation to stop when generating the template for the official MOD's texture.
  • When the template of the official MOD's texture is generate, the icon for it will be generated as well.
  • The template of the official MOD's texture will be generated to "_compiled" folder.
  • The game will produce an error when trying to compile a Official MOD texture with no image file in it.
  • Added the following three events to the Event menu: Yoshifumi, Revisit ......, Shuichi, Revisit ......, Shou, Revisit......
1. For these events to appear in the Event Menu, the NTR block must be turned off and you have choose the first option
2. These event is meant to re-trigger NTR route.
3. If you select the second option at this event while the Idol Route is in progress, NTR route will started and her current status will be halted.

(Translations by awesomeguy247)

Patch notes for Version 1.07 of Custom Order Maid 3D 2

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  • Fixed the bug that caused one extra maid to be hired multiple time (as in there are two extra maid that is exactly the same to each other when it suppose to be one)
  • Fixed the bug that cause "Lovely-Dovey Interrogational Sex" VIP event to be available despite not fulfilling the 5th condition: "Has watched "Lovey-Dovey Patissier Sex"".
  • Fixed the bug that cause Traits & Fetish to reset when watching events in Replay Mode (AKA Free Mode)
  • Fixed the bug that cause an error at the beginning of the dance depending on the situation
  • .mod file can now be used in COM3D2, you will have to load them via Mod folder
  • Added two new back hair to the shop
  • Adjust the color texture for Nan Yaegashi's face design and Ninoko's face design
  • Fixed the bug that cause the "指定の施設の稼働" condition for ハイトント to not fulfill when multiple of the designated facility are constructed.
  • Certain scenario has ben fixed
  • Bugs on voices has been fixed.
  • Models and Texture of certain costume has been adjusted
  • Certain part of the Adult Service has been revised
  • Version Dialog now contains more detailed information.
  • The VR configuration can now be adjusted from the normal configuration screen. (In the 2D version, it applies to the free camera mode of the dance scene.)
  • Fixed the bug that cause the cut-in image of VR time difference to be stretched horizontally.
(Translations by awesomeguy247)